Mathilde in navy

I’ve had this pattern for a while now and finally finished my first attempt.

The fabric was a bargain find from Goldhawk Road. I think it was about £2 a metre so I bought some in this navy colour and also some in purple. I’m not entirely sure what the fabric is though. Probably some kind of polyester mix, but I can tell you one thing: it sure is slippery!

So far I’ve mainly worked with cotton so this was definitely new territory for me. It took me ages just to cut out the pieces and then the sewing was quite slow as well. I struggled to get the fabric to stay where I wanted it to be and because it’s quite a delicate fabric I didn’t want to pin too much as I was worried I would end up with visible holes in it. But I finally finished it yesterday and (as you can probably tell from my face in this picture) I am pretty happy with it!


This is Tilly‘s first improvers pattern that I’ve tried and even though I think of myself very much as a beginner when it comes to sewing I’m glad I gave it a go. It gave me the opportunity to practice French seams (which I love since I used them on my last pair of pyjama bottoms) and gathers and also to try out some new skills like sewing button holes, inserting sleeves and sewing the tucks that run down the front of the blouse.

When I compared my measurements to the sizing chart on the pattern I was between three sizes, but I then measured a (shop-bought) blouse in a similar fabric that fits me really well and compared those measurements to the finished garment measurements on the pattern and they were exactly a size 4, so I just cut a size 4 without making any adjustments. I’m pretty happy with the fit but might add an inch or so the length next time just to make the hemming a bit easier. I had to be very stingy and just folded over the tiniest amount of fabric for the hem to preserve as much length as possible. But then I am unusually tall, so I should have added a bit of extra length just to be on the safe side.

This is what it looks like from the back. Ignore the triangle that’s missing under the last button, that’s just because that corner was folded over when the picture was taken and I didn’t realise.


The light in these pictures makes the fabric almost look a bit purple, but it’s just navy. It’s a bit better in this shot (I was trying to find somewhere with good light in our flat but it was so gloomy outside this weekend that nowhere was very good):


Tilly has very helpfully put step by step tutorials on her website (in addition to the very good instructions that come with the pattern) and I was very grateful for those when it came to the tucks. She recommends using a piece of card to press the folds in a straight line, which I did, and it made it so much easier. I’m quite happy with how the tucks came out. I was worried I’d end up with very wonky tucks down the front of my blouse.

Button holes were also a first for me and it took me a while to figure out how to work the button hole foot that came with my machine, but I got there in the end. The buttons are just purple shell buttons from The Village Haberdashery. I thought I would keep it simple on my first attempt with this pattern.


I’m not very good at stitching in the ditch so when it came to finishing the cuffs I thought I would do some decorative top stitching instead.


So that was my first Mathilde blouse and I have at least two more fabrics in my stash that I’ve reserved for this pattern, so I’ll definitely make it again!


4 thoughts on “Mathilde in navy

  1. This is lovely. I’ve recently just made the Mathilde too. Have made two now and have started on a third. Its so lovely to make isn’t it? I however left off the tucks and the button back. Was too nervous to try those, so I’m impressed at yours. Look forward to seeing your next one.


    • Thank you. Yours look lovely too! Yes, I definitely want to make more. I have two fabrics in my stash that I’d like to use for Mathilde blouses at some point. I want to make a Megan dress first though, so they might have to wait a bit…


  2. I’ve just come across your blog and love this top you’ve made. I also love the detail on the sleeves! I’ve tried “stitching the ditch” with mixed success so I think this idea with a decorative stitch is great.


    • Thank you! Glad you like my cheat for getting around stitching in the ditch. 🙂 I have to be careful though because that is my favourite decorative stitch and I might be using it a bit too much. 🙂


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