I’ve been slow, slow, slow with my sewing recently. I have a pile of fabric and patterns stacking up that I want to try and am really struggling to make the time for them.

But I have finally finished a few presents I had been meaning to make.

First a sunglasses case for one of my best friends. I stumbled across the link to this tutorial on the sewsensational blog and thought it looked like a fun little project. Here’s the link to the instructions.

I used fabrics I had left over from another project as you really don’t need much for this, so great for using up bits of fabric that I had lying around for ages.

Sunglasses case closed

Sunglasses case open

I didn’t have any wadding, so I used some fleece that I had, again, left over from another project. It worked OK, but it came out a bit bulky, but that is probably my own fault, as the instructions clearly tell you to trim down the seam allowances as much as possible, but I was a bit nervous about trimming off too much, so I think I was a bit generous. I found their instructions for boxed corners a bit confusing, so I just stuck to the method I usually use (sewing off a triangle in the corner and then cutting the triangle off before turning the fabric right side out).

I finished this just in time for Christmas and my friend really likes it, so that’s the main thing.

I also wanted to make something for another good friend. She works as a set designer for film, TV and theatre and we are always amazed by her impressive selection of tools that she has accumulated over the years to put together all sorts of sets and stages. She probably has more tools than my dad, which is quite an achievement.

So I started looking for fabric with tools of some sort and found this great Mr Roboto Tools Blue on It was perfect! Having it delivered from the States meant, that I didn’t get it in time for Christmas, but that’s OK, we usually end up being a bit late with our Christmas and birthday presents.

I used the fabric to make some simple squariesh oven gloves:

Betty's oven gloves

The main bit was pretty quick, I just struggled a bit with the binding around the corners, so the stitching is a bit wonky on the back. And it also gave me the opportunity to try out my new bias binding maker that I got for Christmas. I didn’t really have a pattern for this, I just looked at the shop-bought ones I have and it was pretty easy to figure out how to replicate them.

And I also made a tote bag with contrast lining and pocket on one half:

Betty's bag outside Betty's bag inside

For this I just combined a few different tutorials for tote bags I had seen on the internet and it craft books and picked out the bits that I liked. I’m really pleased with how it came out and I hope my friend likes it too.

Right, while it was nice to sew a few projects that don’t have to fit anyone, I think I’m ready for my next dressmaking project.


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