Baby bibs

Something I did manage to do while I was trying to ignore the half finished dress lying in my sewing corner judging me every time I passed, was make something to welcome some new little people into the world.

The great thing about sewing for babies is that it requires very little fabric. Also, it will probably look cute due to being tiny even if it doesn’t come out perfect.

I decided to keep it very simple and make some bibs. I used this tutorial and it was really easy to follow. The only mistake I made was that on the first bib I forgot that the line in the template is the sewing line rather than the cutting line, so doesn’t include seam allowance. So the first bib came out a bit smaller than I had planned, but it was just about big enough to get smothered in yoghurt by its new owner, so it did the job it was intended for.

The first set of bibs were for my friend’s little boy. She loves guinea pigs, so of course I set out to find some guinea pig fabric for her little man. And it turns out they had just the thing on Woven Monkey called Guinea Pig Vegetable Patch (which you can find here). All I needed was a fat quarter on standard cotton and some yellow flannel (from Plush Addict) as backing and I was ready to go.

Henrik's bibs 1

Aren’t the guinea pigs cute? I also got a big pack of snap buttons in all colours imaginable. I don’t think I’ll ever need that many snap buttons, but they only seem to come in massive selection packs.

Henrik's bibs 3

Come Christmas there was another new arrival that needed protecting from dribble and less pleasant liquids. My sister in law had a little boy and him and their dog are inseparable. The dog doesn’t leave his side and he doesn’t take his eyes of the dog. So I thought this called for dog themed bibs. She is a beautiful black labrador, so I was delighted to find a fat quarter of the perfect fabric on ebay.

Bibs for George  Bibs for George back

This time I used baby blue flannel for the reverse. Aren’t they adorable? Also, judging by these fotos, I can’t even iron a bib. Somehow the creases didn’t look quite so bad in reality…

Both sets of bibs were very well received and I would really recommend the tutorial. It’s so easy to follow (if you read the instructions properly, see my mistake about the seam allowance) and it was just what I needed. A simple quick project that got me back at my sewing machine when something bigger was a bit too daunting.


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